On September 27 2022, the Thematic Planning Internship (KP) of BPURP UNDIP students at Semarang City Planning Board was closed. The closing ceremony of the internship was marked by the presentation of practical students and the submission of internship products from the Head of the BPURP UNDIP, Dr Yudi Basuki, ST, MT, to the Head of Semarang City Planning Board, Mr Budi Prakosa, ST, MT. This internship has been carried out for three months, from June 20 to September 20, 2022. This activity aims to foster synergy among stakeholders to realize an increasingly great Semarang City development. And also strive to provide a forum for students to implement their knowledge while studying at institutions/organizations, as well as compiling profiles and recommendations for developing Semarang City according to the specified theme. This program was attended by 29 undergraduate students and involved 14 supervisors. The themes of the internship are: Distribution of School Dropouts in Semarang City, Identification of Child-Friendly Parks in Semarang City, RPJPD Background, Identification of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Design of 10 Thematic Kampungs as tourist destinations. The ten kampungs are located in Curug Gondoriyo, Kampung Sekayu, Kampung Ranting Pelangi, Traditional Snacks Kampung in Gajahmungkur, Kampung Bonsai, Palebon Art Kampung, Kampung River Tubbing, Rice and Owl Tourism Kampung, Heritage Kampung Jagalan, and Kampung Organic Rejosari Wonolopo. Some of these themes are continued as the topic of the student’s Final Project.