DPWK Undip, represented by the Urban Design and Development Laboratory, visited Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan, on June 19-20, 2023. This activity is a follow-up to the collaboration with the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Bulungan Regency regarding the arrangement of the Detailed Spatial Plan (Rencana Detail Tata Ruang/ RDTR) of Central Tanjung Palas District.
RDTR is a detailed spatial plan of the city supplemented by zoning regulations. In addition, RDTR is a reference for issuing the suitability of space utilization activities and the realization of spatial-technical criteria. This document is an instrument for controlling space utilization to realize sustainable development. Likewise, it reflects the achievement of the eleventh SDG: sustainable cities and communities.
The initial stage in the RDTR arrangement is to determine the delineation of urban areas to be arranged. The urban area of Central Tanjung Palas District consists of Salimbatu and Silva Rahayu Villages. The discussion was attended by village officials and other related agencies at the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Bulungan Regency. Afterward, it conducted a primary survey to collect several data, such as road conditions, land use, existing infrastructure conditions, and the community’s socio-economic characteristics.