Geomatics and planning laboratory is a group of expertise that focuses on research on the processing of earth data, land use, location, mobility, and decision support information systems in spatial planning. Expertise in geomatics and planning labs is needed to support comprehensive urban and regional planning, especially in the implementation and applications of spatial modelling. Over the past five years, this lab has produced dozens of publication in geomatics implementation works for spatial planning such as land use modeling, remote sensing application, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), transportation modelling, and boundary acquisition with RTK GPS. Furthermore, towards planning education based on the industrial revolution 4.0, the geomatics and planning lab is expanding its research concentration in fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the internet of things (IoT). With the completeness of these analytical tools, the geomatics and planning lab is projected to become an excellent research center, especially in strengthening regional and urban planning analysis tools.

Head of Laboratory   : Dr. Anang Wahyu Sejati, ST, MT

Assistant                      : Desita Fathimah Aziz, Amd


Scope of Research

GIS, Remote Sensing, dan Image Processing
Environment and Landuse Modelling Infrastructure and Transport Modelling Demography Modelling Sosio-Economic Modelling
  • Pemodelan Pengelolaan Lingkungan
  • Memantau perkembangan fisik kota
  • Peran penginderaan jauh untuk kesesuaian lahan.
  • Monitoring lahan untuk mitigasi bencana
  • Land use dynamic modeling
  • Soil erosion modeling
  • Inundation modeling
  • Pemodelan Pengembangan Infrastruktur
  • Permodelan Transportasi
  • Optimum location analyses
  • Location analyses for public facilities
  • Spatial planning analysis
  • Population Projection Modelling
  • Pemetaan Persebaran Penduduk
  • Sosial Modelling
  • Economic Modelling




Lecturer of Geomatics and Planning Laboratory


Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Imam Buchori, ST

Prof. Iwan Rudiarto, S.T., M.Sc

Dr. Anang Wahyu Sejati, ST, MT

Dr. Yudi Basuki, ST, MT.

Dra. Bitta Pigawati, Dipl.GE, MT

Dr. Eng. Maryono, ST, MT

Holi Bina Wijaya, ST, MUM

Widjonarko, ST, MT

Sri Rahayu, SSi., MSi