Digitalization has become an integral part of people’s lives. Every day the digital world becomes one of the main needs of the community to gain information on various matters. This progress is also a concern in response to disaster events, especially as a result of climate change. Information that is fast, accurate, and accountable is a necessity for the realization of a disaster-prepared community. To meet these needs, the Undip Urban and Regional Planning Department team represented by the Geomatics and Planning Lab provides a solution in the form of a spatial data-based information system with the concept of WebGIS. In addition to being able to display various levels of disaster risk and efforts to handle it, this system is able to become an effective communication platform digitally between the community and policy makers. With this system, all relevant stakeholders in Tegal Regency are more prepared and aware of the condition of the surrounding environment and its position towards the risk of hydrometeorological disasters. These benefits have been felt by the community and it is hoped that the system can be developed with new features to respond to other needs in disaster mitigation due to climate change.