Climate change brings various problems, especially in disaster events. Erratic hydrometeorological cycles make flood management in some areas need to adapt and prioritize handling strategies based on the spatial distribution of disaster risk. With these problems, policy solutions are mandatory regional instruments that must be carefully planned. To realize this solution, the Undip Urban and Regional Planning Department team represented by the Geomatics and Planning Laboratory clarified the study of disaster management policies, especially related to hydrometeorological disasters by coordinating with BNPB and BPBD Pati Regency. With this coordination, a form of response to climate change by prioritizing the pentahelix concept where academics, government, community, private sector, and media become one unit in disaster management efforts. This strategy discussion was held at the BNBP Office in Jakarta on November 21, 2022. The results of the discussion led to the detailing of program indications for accelerating hydrometeorological disaster mitigation.