Dr. -Ing. Asnawi Manaf, ST


Dr. -Ing. Asnawi Manaf, S.T.


Urban Development Laboratory

Asnawi is an associate professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University. He holds a doctoral degree from the Kassel University German. His research focuses on participatory planning; community based development; low income housing; and sustainable urban development. In 2009, he received an award as an outstanding lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP. He also active in community-based environmental development programs (PLP-BK) in Kendal Regency and Semarang Regency which also serves as his field laboratory.


Perumahan dan Permukiman (Housing and Human Settlement)

Metodologi Penelitian (Research Methods)

Pengembangan Masyarakat (Community Development)


PTPW8016 Proses Perencanaan dan Pembangunan (Planning Process)

PTPW8023 Metodologi Riset (Research Methodology)

2020 Assessment of the Need for Road-Based Mass Transportation with a Transit-Oriented Approach Affordable Housing Development in the Bregasmalang Agglomeration Area / Kajian Kebutuhan Angkutan Massal Berbasis Jalan dengan Pendekatan Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Development di Wilayah Aglomerasi Bregasmalang Funded by Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University

2020-2021 Land Bank Model for Inclusive Urban Housing Development through Public, Private, People Partnership (PPPP) / Model Bank Lahan Untuk Pembangunan Perumahan Perkotaan yang Inklusif melalui Public, Private, People Partnership (PPPP) Funded by Ministry of Research and Technology

2019 The Level of Readiness of the Semarang Regency Community towards the Online Building Permit (IMB) Submission Model / Tingkat Kesiapan Masyarakat Kabupaten Semarang terhadap Model Pengajuan Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB) secara Online Funded by Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University

2017-2019 Multi Mode Approaches and Strategies for Community Empowerment in Efforts to Fulfill Housing for Low-Income Communities / Multi Moda Pendekatan dan Strategi Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dalam Upaya Pemenuhan Perumahan bagi Masyarakat Berpenghasilan Rendah Funded by DRPM DIKTI (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education)

2018 Rawa Pening Lake Area Conservation Institution, Semarang Regency / Kelembagaan Konservasi Kawasan Danau Rawa Pening, Kabupaten Semarang Funded by Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University

2018 Applying Smart Economy Of The Principles Of Smart Cities In Developing World: Learnt From Indonesia’s Home Based Enterprises Funded by Diponegoro University

2017. Menuju Pengelolaan Pembangunan Rendah Emisi Berkeadilan: Upaya Mitigasi Perubahan Iklim di Sektor Industri di Jawa Tengah (Towards equitable low emission development management: Climate change mitigation efforts in the industrial sector in central java) Funded by PNBP DIPA UNDIP.

2016. Encouraging Community-Based Climate Resiliencee: The Role of Spatial Planning in The Population Health of Semarang City Funded by PNBP DIPA UNDIP.

2016. Enhancing Community Empowerment In Kreo Cave Tourism Development: An Equity-Based Development Approach Funded by DIPA Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University.

2016. Inter-Region Collaboration Institution Model in The Development of Kotagede, in The Border Area Of Yogyakarta City And Bantul Regency Funded by PNBP DIPA UNDIP.

2016. Geographic Information System (GIS) Model for Monitoring Spatial Dynamics of Urban Metropolitan Areas in Java and Madura Island Funded by PNBP DIPA UNDIP.

2015-2016. Menuju Tatakelola Migas yang Berkeadilan: Meningkatkan Keuntungan Masyarakat Lokal di Blok Cepu (Towards equitable oil and gas governance: Increasing the profits of local communities in the Cepu block) Funded by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.


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Tyas, W. P., Sianturi, O., Riswandha, Y., Sunarti, Manaf, A., & Manullang, O. R. (2019). ICT Based Activities as Part of Smart Economy in Developing World: Learnt from Indonesia’s Home Based Enterprises. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 313(1).

Sunarti, S., Syahbana, J. A., & Manaf, A. (2019). Space transformation in a low-income housing community in Danukusuman, Surakarta. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 12(2), 265–280.

Sianturi, O. O., Tyas, W. P., Sunarti, Manullang, O. R., & Manaf, A. (2019). The Benefit of Internet Using to Affect Income for Water Hyacinth Home-based Entrepreneurs in Rawapening Area-Indonesia. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 248(1).

Manaf, A., Purbasari, N., Damayanti, M., Aprilia, N., & Astuti, W. (2018). Community-based rural tourism in inter-organizational collaboration: How does it work sustainably? Lessons learned from Nglanggeran Tourism Village, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sustainability (Switzerland), 10(7).

Purbasari, N., & Manaf, A. (2018). Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Community-Based Tourism between Pentingsari and Nglanggeran Tourism Village, Special Region Yogyakarta. E3S Web of Conferences, 31.


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  • Head of Inclusive Housing and Urban Development Research Center (IHUDRC)
  • Member of the Majelis Wali Amanat Undip