Urban transformation is an ongoing process as systematic process of continuous adjustment and improvement of urban systems due to the changes in urban economic, social, landscape-ecological and also management systems (Yuanzhi, et al., 2019).
Semarang City has experienced excessive urbanization and has been changing rapidly in both physical and socio-economic terms, from a less urban area to a more urban area. The development of peri-urban areas, which is very massive and shows uncontrolled trends, has given rise to various urban problems. On the one hand, Semarang City, located in the coastal area, has its urban complexities caused by climate change.
The International Joint Course 2023 provides opportunities for the participants to understand the urban transformation in areas that are experiencing rapid urbanization, and, at the same time, various problems related to the environment, socio-economic, infrastructure, and others arise.


  • Development Planning Agency of Semarang City
  • Universitas Diponegoro
  1. Prof. Dr.-Ing Wiwandari Handayani [Topic: Urban Resilience]/li>
  2. Dr. Fadjar Hari Mardiansyah [Topic: Urban Transformation]
  • Gadjah Mada University
  1. Prof. Bakti Setiawan [Topic: Peri urban and Emerging Desakota in Indonesia]
  2. Dr. Tri Mulyani Sunarharum [Topic: Peri urban and Emerging Desakota in Indonesia]
  • Radboud University
  1. Prof. Erwin van der Krabben
  2. Prof. Sander Meijerink
  3. Dr. D. Ary A. Samsura
  4. Dr. Sander Lenferink
  5. Prof. Sander Meijerink
  6. Dr. Corrine Vitale

Joint Course Activities
IJC 2023 will be held on 8-17 May 2023 with offline and online format.

Offline Online Online
• Workshop (Lectures and Discussion)
• Field Visit
• Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
• Studium General
• Final Presentation • Lectures (5 Sessions – 10 speakers)
• Individual Short Essay
• Lectures (5 Sessions – 10 speakers)
• Individual Short Essay


IJC 2023 Schedule



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Further Information
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Wido Prananing Tyas, Ph.D
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