On Thursday, 12 October 2023, an IUP Day activity was held for IUP students of the Bachelor Program of Urban and Regional Planning (BPURP) UNDIP, with the theme “Sharing Session of International Exposure”. This event strengthened relations between IUP students across classes from Class 2020 to 2023. Also, to facilitate a space for sharing information for students who have completed and are currently undertaking international exposure to the new class of students.

On this occasion, four teams shared their international exposure experience, namely the Double Degree Team at Curtin University, the International Planning Internship Team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the DISC Summer Course Team: Design+Innovation for Sustainable Cities at Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, as well as the UNDIP-Hawai’i Summer Course Team at Manoa.

The four teams shared their experiences participating in international exposure, preparations that must be made, and information about preparing funds and registration requirements. The event was held hybridly and attended online by the International Office Team-Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. The event was lively and warm and closed with eating pizza together.