FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION (FGD) “TRAM REVITALIZATION of SEMARANG-BASED past TO BUILD THE future ” held in the Theater room MPWK, building A Floor 1 Department of Regional Planning and City (DPWK), Diponegoro University. FGD opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering presented Ibu Ir. Hevearita G. Rahayu, vice mayor of Semarang as keynote speaker, and seven other speakers, namely: Dr. Bunyamin MPd, head of Bappeda of Semarang; Ir. Widoyoko, MSc, Indonesian Diaspora in the Netherlands/KUTAMI Engineering Technology; Dr. Okto Risdianto Manulang, ST, MT, transportation Professor and Observer Department of Regional and city planning, UNDIP; Dr. Ir. Rizqon Fajar, MSc., Center for technology system and transportation infrastructure, agency for Technology Assessment and application (BPPT); Heru Kuswanto, Corporate deputy director of CDD Business New Developer and Strategy Project, PT KAI; Ir. Agung Sedaju, director of commercial and technology, PT. Railway industry (INKA); and Ir. Linus Andor Maulana Sijabat, operational director I of PT LEN Industri (Persero), with about 100 participants in the discussion that came from lecturers and students in DPWK environment and other departments in the UNDIP environment, and invited guests from the government of Semarang, Bogor City, City of Pekalongan, BPP Teknologi, PT INKA, PT KAI, PT LEN Industri, PT Eltran, community of Transportation observer Semarang, community development of the city of Semarang, and community history observer Indonesian.

The results of FGD pushed for the redeveloped Tram transportation in the city of Semarang, especially in the Old City area, downtown area, and surrounding areas. However, the development of this tram that needs to be planned properly, carefully and in detail to be able to act as one of the modes of public transport or city tour, which is integrated with other modes of public transport, both city public transportation, and public transport of existing regions.