On Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, the International Lecture Series 2022 with the theme “Possible Future of Rural Transformation in the Post-Covid Era” took place online via Zoom and broadcast via the Youtube channel. The sixth series of the ILS theme can generally be related to Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Sustainable Development Goal 10 (Reduced Inequality). On that occasion, Prof. Dr. Edo Andriesse from the Department of Geography, College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea, gave a presentation regarding his research on “Possible Futures of Rural Transformation in the Post-Covid Era.” In his presentation, Prof. Edo explained the results of a study on rural transformation in several regions, namely Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. The next session was the presentation by Dr. Fadjar Hari Mardiansjah from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning on “Rural to Urban Villages Transformation and Small Towns Growth in the Urbanization Process in Java.” An important note in the presentation is that the expansion of urban areas can be a “predator” of agricultural resources in rural areas. In addition, the process creates additional urban space, which provides a place for economic activity as an instrument for making and disseminating community welfare. This series was moderated by Dr. Artiningsih, with the number of participants reaching 140 participants, mainly from lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students in Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University. The discussion session went well in terms of the high enthusiasm of the activity participants in asking questions and responding to the lecturers’ explanations.

The following is a link to the recording of the International Lecture Series 2022 Series #06