LAREDEM (Research Group in Regional Development and Environmental Management) is part of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering – Diponegoro University. Laredem is the home to enhance research and academic capacities in regional development planning and environmental management for lecturers, researcher, students, and other scholars associated with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning – Diponegoro University and its all networks. Laredem working on promoting sustainable regional development as the paradigm for theoretical and practical development of the field of regional development planning. Laredem’s research is focuses on the integration of key elements in sustainable regional development. The research foundation is laid on aspects of actual phenomena in the field of environment, economy, social, spatial, value, and governance.


The Laredemers


Organizational Structure

  • Head of laboratory : Dr. Artiningsih, ST, M.Si​
  • Treasurer : Mada Sophianingrum, ST, MT, M.Sc
  • Administrative Assistant : Minawati Widiastuti, SE & Ais Tsurayya Mumtaz, S.PWK
  • Permanent Assistant and Journal Manager : Zahra Nur Hasanah, ST, MT dan Nuri Setiyawati, S.PWK

Laredem’s Journal

• Jurnal Wilayah dan Lingkungan (Regional and Environmental Journal)
• The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development

Some of the cooperation activities carried out in 2023

1. Kedaireka Program, “Roadmap for Local Economic Development of Brebes Regency Based on Village-City Linkages
2. Regional Infrastructure Development Strategy for Brebes Regency
3. Sub-regional Economic Development Study for Brebes Regency
4. Development of Industrial Potential and Institutions in the Kedungsepur Development Area of Central Java Province
5. Forming of Economic Roadmap for Bintan Regency
6. Action Research “Catalyzing City Resilience Solution (CCRS)-Development of Batik Innovation City (BIC) of Semarang City
7. Transformative Mentoring Program for Astra’s Tourism, Craft and Culture Cluster


The Research Foundation


Lecturer of Regional Development and Environmental Management Laboratory

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani, ST, MT, MPS
Research Focuses:
Urban and Regional Resilience
Dr. Ir. Artiningsih, M.Si
Research Focuses:
– Sustainable Development
– Resource Development
Dr. Fadjar Hari Mardiansjah, ST, MT, MDP
Research Focuses:
– Sustainable Development
– Metropolitanization of small cities
Dr. Ir. Jawoto Sih Setyono, MDP
Research Focuses:
Regional Development Planning
Dr.-Ing. Prihadi Nugroho, ST, MT, MPP
Research Focuses:
– Regional Development Planning
– Rural-Urban Linkages
– Local Development
Rukuh Setiadi, ST, MEM, Ph.D
Research Focuses:
– Climate Change
– Urban and Regional Resilience
Ir. Agung Sugiri, MPSt
Research Focuses:
Sustainable Development
Mohammad Muktiali, SE, M.Si, MT
Research Focuses:
Urban and regional economy
Mada Sophianingrum, ST, MT, M.Sc
Research Focuses:
Urban and regional planning
Samsul Ma’rif, SP, MT
Research Focuses:
Urban and regional economy