The teaching and learning process, research, and community service carried out by the academic community at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) – UNDIP are supported by library facilities that offer approximately more than 7600 textbooks belonged to domestic and foreign published literature. In addition to textbooks, the entire UNDIP academic community has access to journal collections through the UNDIP e-journal service linked to their SSO account.


E-Journal Service on SSO Undip

The collection of final assignments, theses, and dissertations currently can only be accessed through a local service of the Library network of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. The public still has access to some collections through http://eprints.undip.ac.id. The current library information system uses a web-based system and uses scanning equipment (barcode) on the system. The library information system can be accessed through http://digilib.pwk.undip.ac.id/, making it easier to search for books and other references.

The library provides a reading room with air conditioning to add to the comfort of visitors/students. In addition, there are several computer units connected to the Computer Laboratory as an additional service. To be able to enjoy library facilities, every student is due to register as a library member.