International Conference on the theme of Smart City Innovation is held again in Semarang. By inviting international speakers, the International Conference on Smart City Innovation or better known as the second ICSCI was held at the ICT building of Diponegoro University. This conference was held by the cooperation of various parties such as Diponegoro University, University of Indonesia, University of Padjajaran, Kemenristek Dikti, USAID and supported by Geomatics laboratory as well as faculty of City Development Laboratory UNDIP technique.

The event took place on 9 October 2019 with opened by Hendar Prihadi, SE, MM who currently serves as the mayor of Semarang. “To answer the challenge, starting from 2013 we started to build Semarang Smart City, so that his civil servants can be more effective and efficient, and the community can get involved,” he said.

In addition, the event also presented a speaker of Prof. Imam Buchori, as a lecturer and practitioner of regional and city planning, Prof. Noel Scott of Australia, Dr. Devitasari Tunas from ETH Zurich and Dr. Manisa Pipattanasom is an Advace research Institute USA, Chulalongkom University Bangkok, Thailand. The event lasted until the afternoon and left a good impression on the participants. They hope international conferences like this can be further improved and expanded in the network so that it can further broaden the insight of conference participants.