Urban Development Laboratory is designed as a media to develop science-based research on urbanism. This laboratory becomes a think-tank for urban development studies. This laboratory aims to improve the abilities of urban and regional planners in improving the quality of environments.



a. Integrate contemporary development issues (Advanced IT, Behavior and Safety, Climate Change, Disaster, Disruption, Gender, Green Development, Heritage and Local Wisdom, Inclusive, Low Carbon, Resilience, and Sustainable Development Goals) in educational materials, research, training, and community service.
b. Develop theoretical and practical knowledge through individual, group, and institutional activities in national and international scope.
c. Publish, socialize and apply research results in various media, textbooks, reputable and impactful journals, patents/intellectual property rights, and community service activities
d. Provide space for writers, researchers, resource persons, supervisors/examiners nationally and internationally
e. Create and support competent and professional institutional governance and human resources


Members of The Urban Development Laboratory

Research Areas

  • Urban Community Development
  • Urban Creative and Enterprises
  • Urban Development Management
  • Urban Housing and Settlements
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Urban Land and Property Development
  • Urban Public Transportation
  • Urban Spatial Development
  • Urban Tourism
  • Urban Travel Behavior and Safety
  • Smart City


Jurnal Pengembangan Kota (Journal of Urban Development) focuses on publication of research results, article reviews and short communication in the field of urban studies and development. JPK has received Sinta 2 accreditation from Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. JPK is published twice a year (July and December) and available online at https://ejournal2.undip.ac.id/index.php/jpk/index .


Prof. Dr. Ir. Nany Yuliastuti, MSP
• Human Settlement
• Urban Planning and Design
• Urban Settlement and Housing Development
• Sustainable Housing
• Urban Development Management
Prof. Dr. Sunarti, ST, MT (Director)
• Housing And Settlement Planning
• Urban Planning And Development
• Community Development
• Urban Development Management
Dr. Ir. Hadi Wahyono, MA
• Urban Planning and Development
• Urban Development Management
• Public Policy Analysis
• Tourism Development
Dr. Ir. Ragil Haryanto, MSP
• Property Management
• Infrastructure Management
• Urban Development Planning
• Urban and Regional Development Management
Mardwi Rahdriawan, ST, MT
• Urban infrastructure
• urban management
• community development
• Social Planning
Dr. -Ing. Wisnu Pradoto, ST, MT.
• Urban Development Management
• Public Administration
• Regional Development
Dr. Okto Risdianto Manullang, ST, MT
• Transportation Planning and Modelling
• Travel Behavior
• Transportation Planning
• Spatial Planning
• Urban Development Management
Dr. -Ing. Asnawi Manaf, ST
• Housing
• Community Development and Planning
• Settlement And Housing Planning
• Urban Planning And Development
• Urban Development Management
Wido Prananing Tyas, ST, MDP, PhD
• Home based Enterprises
• Housing and Settlement
• Human Capability
• Disaster
• Local Economic Development
Dr. Ars. Anita Ratnasari R, ST, MT.
• Urban transportation
• Travel behavior
• Transportation economics
Maya Damayanti, ST, MA, PhD
• Urban tourism development
• Community based tourism
• Social Planning
Landung Esariti, ST, MPS. Dr-Ing. Candidate
• Housing
• Gender Studies
• Property Studies
Sariffuddin, ST, MT
• Housing and settlements
• Quality of Life
• Community Development
Dr. Drs. PM. Brotosunaryo, MSP
(Honorary Researcher)
• Urban and Regional Economics
• Urban Planning and Development
• Urban Development Management
• Community development
Dr. Ir. Joesron Alie Syahbana, MSc
(Honorary Researcher)
• Urban Development Management
• Social Planning
• Spatial Planning
Lutfiyatul Wahdah, ST
Kharunia Putri, S.PWK
Journal Manager